Why health coach?

My path to a healthier life
Hi, I am ARF. I love healthy food and travels. I don’t like diets or extreme behaviours. My goal is to put the power of your health back in your hands.

Health Coaching

Implement goals and sustainable changes
Health coaching is a transformation process guided and mentored by an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Together, we are going to align your health goals with your body type, lifestyle, preferences and resources.

Regain control over your physical and emotional health

Coaching individual

Individual Coaching

An one-to-one program, designed to answer to your specific needs. We work together to create a healthy relationship with food, new habits and a more balanced and happy life. It’s a personal transformation process.

Coaching de grupo

Group Coaching

A common goal
You can create your own group between friends and colleagues. Sessions of 1h30, where we talk about several subjects and work together to achieve a healthier life.

Coaching para empresas

Corporate Coaching

Everyone wins
Provide education for health and well-being. It is a win-win situation for workers and companies and a great opportunity for team building.


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Ana Rita Faria

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