The first step

25 April 2020

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”-Jim Rohn

What’s new and good? That’s how I usually start my sessions. When we evaluate our life, and ourselves, we tend to overfocus on the negative side. But what leads us to success are small everyday achievements and minimal actions that, when taken alone, seem to lead nowhere.

When I decided to graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition [hiperligação ao ponto 1.1], I didn’t plan to become a Health Coach. In fact, my passion about health and nutrition didn’t start that long ago. A few years back, I used to call my mother every time I needed to cook rice and my idea of a light dinner was cereals and milk or pre-cooked raviolis with tomatoes.

Some health challenges made me reevaluate my relationship with food and emotions. In a world where we all know someone suffering from chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases or diabetes, and where auto-immune disorders became common, we simply can’t assume that what we eat and how we live has no importance.

We can’t wait for “them” to invent the cure. We have to prevent disease. And, even being sick, we can’t give up and believe that the way we eat and live won’t affect the final result. Our car may have problems but, if we put the wrong fuel, it’s more likely it will stop for good. If we fill it up with the right fuel, who knows how many more miles it will go?

In our everyday life, we can’t assume that a certain product is effectively “light” or better for your health just because it claims it. We have to question. And, in this process of permanent questioning, we must realize there aren’t universal formulas: what works for someone, fails with other.

As a Health Coach, my goal is to help other people achieve their own transformation process and regain control of their physical and emotional health. In this blog, I’ll share knowledge, tools and tips for a healthier diet and lifestyle. We will demystify some myths about food theories and talk about some “foods” that are even more important than those we put on our plate. [hiperligação ao ponto 2.2].

Here, you will find recipes and tips to prepare healthy meals, along with references to other websites, blogs, experts and studies that are really cutting-edge in this approach to nutrition and health – an integrative, bio-individual and holistic approach.

I hope you will join me in this path and help me take the next steps.